Monday, August 11, 2008

Happy B-Day Aly

Yesterday was Aly Wagner's birthday. We've decided that if you have to spend your birthday on the road in a foreign country, the U.S. team hotel in Shenyang, China is the place to do it. Let's just say the hotel staff went all out. Wagner got a beautiful cake with candles, several renditions of Happy Birthday, a wreath made of flowers, a gift from the hotel staff (it was small hand mirror, causing Lauren Cheney to remark that it was a gift for the "pretty, pretty princess"), and took a bunch pictures with the staff and chefs. It blew away any birthday you might celebrate in the States at a chain restaurant where the waiters wear a lot of "flair." You now what we're talking about. Wagner, being a natural born entertainer, hammed it up with everyone and the U.S. team had one of its best post-dinner birthday celebrations in recent memory.


Mr.R.P. said...

Happy Birthday! Dang i could go for some cake now.

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