Sunday, August 10, 2008

...Hello Shenyang!

When the team arrived in Shenyang, they were once again ushered quickly off the train, but only had to walk a few steps to the waiting team bus for the short ride to the hotel, were ushered through security and they were greeted with another rousing welcome from the staff. Each player got a gift of a "good luck" necklace (see right), got right in the elevator up to the team floor where they found their names on the hotel doors and the keys inside. That kind of service really only happens at the Olympics, probably only at an Olympics in China. While it was a nice day in Shenyang for the USA's arrival, it is still quite hot. And without the ocean breezes of Qinhaungdao, it seemed even hotter. Fortunately, the USA's match against New Zealand will kick off at 7:45 p.m. on Aug. 12, although that same kickoff time did nothing to alleviate the heat in the USA's opening match against Norway.

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MARDELLE said...


I must say the Chinese sure know how to "Welcome" teams to their country. I'm very impressed. !! :)