Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Abby’s Hard Head

Yeah, there was a lot of blood, but that’s what happens with head wounds. Just so you know, Abby is fine, although her jersey probably won’t come clean after that plasma soaking. She got a few stitches during the game and may need more tonight, but as fans of the WNT know, a knock on the head and gushing blood isn’t going to stop this U.S. forward.


MiamiGirl said...

i posted this in an earlier post but im going to say it again. I think you all should dye a few strands of hair to match abby's. It would be a great reminder of how you rallied. Im going dye mine(although my head is shaved so it will be more like a dot then a streak LOL).
Great game, you ladies ROCK!

Anonymous said...

Great job today Abby! Way to be a warrior and suck up the pain for the US. All of your injuries are in my prayers.