Monday, September 10, 2007

Friends and Family Arrive

Several U.S. players got a treat today as a few of the friends and family arrived in Chengdu and came over to the hotel to visit with their players. We saw the Wambachs, who as usual were dispensing big hugs. We also saw the Kai family, with two of Natasha’s younger brothers in tow. Kate Markgraf’s parents, the Sobreros, were also there and Shannon Boxx’ mom came a bit later as her flight to China was delayed. More and more friends and family will be arriving in the coming days with the total number soaring over 100 at some points during the tournament. They may not be the biggest group of fans, but we are sure they will be the loudest.


Christine said...

After seeing them in TV i have to say that I love Kai's family! :D

Lisa said...

Wow, wish we could all be there. Hey do the USA ladies get much fun time with the other teams? It seems like a great reunion of old and new players...sounds like heaven. <:)-{=< *

valekendall said...

So lucky to be able to actually be there! That's so great!