Saturday, September 15, 2007

Oh Marta

Brazil pulled off a truly impressive win over China tonight, not in that they won, as the Brazilians were certainly favored, but that they scored four goals in front of 50,000 Chinese fans in Wuhan. Not an easy task. Marta continued her dazzling ways with two goals and set up another, but the Chinese goalkeeper made a huge gaff when she threw a ball right to…you guessed it…Marta! All of people! Marta took a few dribbles and passed to Cristiane for a tap-in. China is now in a bit of a predicament. Brazil is basically through with six points from two games. The Danes beat New Zealand 2-0, and like China, have three points. If Denmark (plus-one goal difference) somehow manages to upset Brazil, China (minus-three goal difference) is going to need a big win over Zealand in its last game or they are out, which would be a huge disappointment for the Chinese fans and the tournament.

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