Sunday, September 9, 2007

Chengdu Hair and Nail Salon

The WNT Blog heard rumors that several of the U.S. players might be preparing some unique hairstyles for the first Women’s World Cup match. We’re not quite sure what they’ve got planned or when it will happen, but the word “braids” was being bandied about quite a bit. The players do plan on getting together the night before the game for a nail painting party. It sort of a tradition on the U.S. Women’s National Team for the players to paint their nails some combination of red, white and blue before a World Cup or Olympics. You probably won’t be able to see the colorful nails on TV, but it’s pretty patriotic for sure.


sharon spotbottom said...

Oh my stars!!!

Impedient said...

Yea it is gona be really cool with the patriotic nails! Can't wait to see the planned hairstyle the team is gona have!

Roland said...

red, white and blue braided strands? That'll look cool.

Good luck on the win tomorrow girls!! I'll be up with the coffee brewing!

zoetd said...

I have been fortunate enough to see many of these women play in person at National Team, World Cup and WUSA games.

Lori Chalupny looks like Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm. She plays like the Terminator: nonstop and deadly.

Lindsay Tarpley looks like she should be sunning herself on some beach in SoCal. Then she's 10 yards past you finishing with surgical precision before you can blink.

Defend Abby Wambach? Maybe you and five other people. On second thought, probably not.

Cat Whitehill? Watch her put a 50-yard free kick into the box on a dime for (another) assist.

Kristine Lilly? Sit down, be quiet, and watch. There are no words to describe what you are seeing.

Heather O'Reilly? I saw her play in a tight, competitive game. The score was 1-0 20 minutes into the second half when she came on as a sub. It took her three minutes to score. Four minutes later she got an assist. That was five years ago when she was 17. She's gotten better.

There is no guarantee the US Women will win the World Cup. There is just about 100% certainty that they will play with dedication and skill that reflects years of effort and practice.

It is a honor to watch you play.