Saturday, September 15, 2007

Deep Breath

Today was a great day of rest for the U.S. team after the big win over Sweden The departure from Chengdu wasn’t too early, there was no training, it was an easy travel day, and the team got into Shanghai in the afternoon, giving the players plenty of time to relax. With lots friends and family in town, many players chose to go out to dinner in Shanghai, before hitting the sack early as the team returns to training on Sunday. There are also some Studio 90 interviews planned for tomorrow, so keep a lookout for the new shows on


MiamiGirl said...

As if it needs saying again: you ladies ROCK! I am like a kid at Christmas anxiously waiting for the next game. Heck I’m even dreaming WWC. Last night I had a dream Abby was about to be thrown out of a game for doping, but they let her stay in after it was discovered she had been exposed to a contaminated tie-dye tee-shirt. Note to self, stop eating after 8pm, lol. Anyway we are all cheering you from the US Soccer capital of Miami, Florida. VIVA USA. PS Did you guys know you made ESPN sportcenter’s top ten? WOOHOO!!!

CaryNC said...

Hey Cat... Heard you commenting on the Arkansas/Alabama game last night. That was cool to hear you all the way from China! Glad you were able to watch the game. Bama pulled it out in the end, though, eh? ROLL TIDE!!!

FC Cincinnati 1788 said...

We love you ladies. Keep up the good work. You know as well as we do, You are the best team in China.
p.s. Abby is hot!

From your boy in Cincy! God Bless! And Good Luck!