Sunday, September 9, 2007

Shopping Success

The U.S. players definitely got the celebrity treatment from the media and Chinese onlookers as they shopped for souvenirs, watched a guy make artistic animals out of melted sugar, got coffee drinks at Starbucks (we’re pretty sure that wasn’t there during the Qin Dynasty when the street first became a center of commerce), fed the koi fish in the big pond and looked at, but did not sample, the large selection of food and snacks. (Turns out even Jinli Street has a Food Court). There was even a shop where women were spinning silk from live silk worms. You don’t get that at the Mall of Americas. Several players took a shot (literally) at a carnival-like game where they fired small wooden arrows with imitation ancient crossbows (mounted on a platform so they couldn’t swivel, thank goodness) at targets made of straw. It looked sort of dangerous to be honest. And you know what they say…it’s all fun and games until someone gets a small wooden arrow shot from an ancient crossbow stuck in their arm. Shannon Boxx proved quite the good shot. The players did purchase some pretty cool stuff. Aly Wagner got a bracelet of wooden beads that signifies security and good luck and numerous players bought jewelry, pendants with Chinese characters and other Chinese-themed knick-knacks.

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