Friday, August 8, 2008

Christie Crossbar

The U.S. team end the short training today with a game of crossbar. The players (and some staff) paired up and each had one chance to hit the crossbar per round. If one partner hit the bar from the top of the penalty box, they advanced to the next round. If both missed, they were out. Christie Rampone led her team (which also included Shannon Boxx) to victory, banging the crossbar on her team's first attempt twice. Not bad for a defender, but remember Rampone is pretty comfortable around the penalty box, having scored 79 goals in her college career.

Crossbar champs!

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Smitty said...

That's kind of a weird game. I'd kind of rather envision some targets strung about a foot below the crossbar, a'la those Total 90 targets that were available from the Nike website earlier this year. Nobody hit the pipes tomorrow! Nothing but net!