Sunday, August 3, 2008

This About Sums it Up

Before you starting thinking the Olympics is all glitz and glamour, remember that the U.S. team is about 200 miles from the host city of Beijing. While you can definitely feel the Olympic spirit here, the Chinese hosts have been enthusiastic and the organization has been excellent, the players have had a lot of down time. Yes, the players have had a few fun excursions while in China, but outside of training and meals (lots of meals), most of the day is spent resting, re-hydrating and getting ready for some of the biggest games of their lives. Below, we caught Carli Lloyd in her natural habitat showing a perfect example of how many players spend their afternoons, either reading or typing away on their laptops.

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M said...

I just wanted to write to the team and say "Go GET 'EM!!" We are behind you all the way!!! Oh, and have fun out there!!!! Don't forget to have fun...

Sincerely and with Envy,
A 40-somethin' fellow soccer player from Washington state right now.