Sunday, August 3, 2008

Old Dragon Head

With a day off today, the U.S. team took a short excursion to the most eastern point on the Great Wall of China, called the Old Dragon Head. Why? Well, this is where the wall begins as it stretches intermittently 4,000 miles across China. Hence, the Head of the Dragon. It actually juts out into the ocean creating a stunning view of a castle wall surrounded on three sides by the ocean. Let's just say the folks during the Ming Dynasty took their fortifications seriously. The Old Dragon Head was just a 20-minute drive and perfect for a short trip to get out of the hotel. Truth is, you don't want to be out of the hotel for too long as it's hot out there, necessitating a break at Dragon Head for a Chupsicle (below).

It's peach by the way.

A Buddhist temple can be seen in the mist out of a opening at the Old Dragon Head.

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Zar000000 said...

enjoy the downtime Lori, we plan to see a whole lotta backline action from you, also we wouldn't be surprised to see the games ending w/ a few goals fired like a ROCKET from 20 yards out. Watch closely y'all, the Ginger Princess take care of some serious business!