Thursday, August 7, 2008

Record Set for Volunteer to Player Ratio

The U.S. team trained at Northeastern University today. No, not the one in Boston. This was Northeastern University of Qinhuangdao, which is one of the four training sites in this city for soccer. Suffice it to say the volunteers were happy to see the soccer players, even if there were only six of them. When the team arrived, there were only three volunteers on the track next to the field. When asked to take a picture, the players certainly obliged, but were surprised to see almost 60 people file out of door under the stands. (It must have been air conditioned in there!). The players posed for the pic (above) and signed a book, which looked like the kind of book you sign at a wedding. Either way, the volunteers left happy. Another example of the hundreds of friendly folks we've encountered in China.

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Albert Li said...

Chinese people are mostly friendly and certainly friendly to sports "stars". Hope your guys enjoyed!