Saturday, August 9, 2008

Run, Run, Run

If you watched the USA-Japan match today you saw a heck of a lot of running from the U.S. team and especially forward Amy Rodriguez and midfielder Heather O'Reilly. In 78-degree heat and 85% humidity, that's some yeoman's work there for sure. Although euphoric, the team was pretty spent and after dinner, they settled down for a good night's sleep before leaving fairly early for the train station and the two-hour trip to Shenyang. Above O'Reilly grabs some quick post-game computer time before hitting the pillows.

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Zar000000 said...

H A O is mean running machine. we love watching her play. she gets so intense it is so cool. Coverage of the olympics allows you to see so much more of the players than the wiide shot we soo often see other times.