Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Day After

Well, while that was no way to start the Olympics, today we are happy to report that the players are in good spirits. While the post-game mood last night was certainly and understandably somber, a good night's sleep can do wonders. The starters, plus Stephanie Cox and Amy Rodriguez, who played a lot of minutes, did not train today. For them, it was a light workout in the gym and/or pool. Tomorrow afternoon the team hits the field again to make final preparations for the Japan game on Saturday. The USA will play the earlier game on Aug. 9 (sorry to those on the West Coast) and a win is vital. Know this: No one is panicking in the U.S. camp. Yes, the road just got tougher, but everyone knows that wins in the last two games and six points guarantees advancement to the quarterfinals. A big challenge, but isn't the Olympics about challenges?


Krista said...

Ah this kind of day after sucks. I know these girls will learn from that game and move on. Tomorrow is a new day, a new chance. As long as we have a chance these girls will do great.

Go USA. :)

m said...

Hey, you can do it! Stay focused, play your best game as a team, set it up, fire it in! Time to move on and move on up! Go USA!
Mark & Irene

meghan said...

glad to hear the team is in good spirits! i have faith in the team, it has always been a team that stares adversity in the face and pulls right on through! good luck!

hopefully, nothing will be thrown at the tv on saturday morning, although i must say it is an invigorating way to start the day.

Lauren said...

Heads up, ladies! Focus and determination is what this team is all about and some of your best qualities. We're right here with you!

West Coasters for a 2:00am game UNITE!

Good luck, USA!

Anonymous said...

I noticed that the US Soccer crest wasn't on the jerseys that the women wore in the match against Norway. It wasn't on the men's jerseys either, when they played Japan. Anyone know why?

By the way, GO USA!!

Smitty said...

Norway was nothing but a wake up call. Let's put on our game faces and show JPN how we do it.

Zar000000 said...

Game aside, and I know it was unintentional, BUT MAN OH MAN the Pop Chups took to the jaw by Hope, Gosh I watched that over and over 5 or 6 times Hope is one STRONG woman...and apparently so is Lori, those two are tough as nails man, (as I'm sure is the whole team)

I am anxious to see the Saturday game and will be up in NC at 4:45am waiting for it to start

M said...

Oh boy - I am here on the west coast and was going to forget watching the game at 2 am, but now I see others will wake up, sooooooo....I guess I'll wake up for it!

Let's do this, USA women!

Let's DO this!!!!!!
(cheers to all of you)