Monday, August 4, 2008

Chups and the Lions

All eight teams playing in the Qinhuangdao venue have checked into the team hotel which serves as the Olympic Village in the outlying venues. With the Indomitable Lions of Cameroon and the just plain indomitable South Koreans last to arrive, the hotel is packed with Olympic soccer players. One of the great parts about the Olympics is meeting athletes from all different countries and cultures, and Lori Chalupny took the chance to have her pic snapped with three members of the Cameroon team. We're not sure the French-speaking Lions spoke too much English, but they were nice enough to oblige young Lori with a picture.


Kylie said...

You have to love Chalupny!

Since I haven't seen this posted, Leslie Osborne's videos and Cat Whitehill's updates are posted on this site:

I love all the news the USWNT getting!
Thanks for all the updates here, it's the first site I go to in the morning!

The first game's almost HERE!!!

Meredith said...

kylie,thanks for the link. That was a fun video with leslie and its good to see her doing well.

All I can say is I am so excited for wed. I CANT WAIT. You guys are going to ROCK!!!!

M said...

Go USA!!!!!!!!!

I am getting excited for the games!


Impedient said...

Definitely gunning for a win and TK, Lloyd and A-Rod are going to score, that's my bet!