Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Game Hair

What do you do when you've had your final training before the first game of the Olympics and there is really nothing to do but wait around for bed time? Answer: Game hair. Above, Christie Rampone braids Angela Hucles' hair. Took a while, but it looks great. None of the other players are planning anything too special for their hair...and in fact, the Cameroon National Team staying at the team hotel far outdoes the U.S. women when it comes to fancy hairstyles. Those guys have bleach blond, dreadlocks, braids, corn-rows. They could win the All-Hair Trophy at the Olympics. But if you are not braiding hair, what else can you do to pass the minutes until game day? Answer: Play Spades. See below. The big winner? Actually, it has been asst. coach Erica Walsh, with whatever partner she gets. But the players are working hard on their Spades games.

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