Sunday, March 8, 2009

Defenders Triumph Again

Lindsay Tarpley lets fly with a CK

After only half the team trained yesterday (the starters vs. Iceland did a pool workout), the whole team trained today, working on some shooting, some offensive and defensive tactics and some set plays. At the end of training, there was yet another competition, this one challenging the players (in teams of two) to shoot at the goal, which had been divided into upper and lower corners with athletic tape. Players got five points for hitting into the upper corner square and three points for lower. One point for hitting the middle of the goal. After three rounds, the team of Christie Rampone, who jacked two shots into the upper left corner, and Hope Solo, who placed two of hers into the lower right, took home the title.

(Above) The Champs rejoice

Megan Rapinoe celebrates a 5-pointer


Impedient said...

Megan Rapinoe looks like a fighter! Maybe she and TKO can compete to see who has the best pose and fighting movements! lol

Yana said...

wow... i want a job where i can do that :)... the day will come :P