Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Drama in the Algarve

Wow. Pretty dramatic stuff in today's Algarve Cup Final, but unfortunately the USA came out on the painful end of the risky business known as the Penalty Kick Shootout. Huge credit goes to the U.S. for battling back from a poor first half to pound away at Sweden in the second 45 and finally get a 90th minute equalizer, which was the USA's second last minute goal of the tournament. (Who does that?). But missing four of seven penalty kicks was not going to get it done, with two agonizingly hitting the left post. Love'em or hate'em, penalties are pretty exciting and today was no exception as the teams went seven shooters deep before this one was over. Keep in mind, the U.S. team allowed just one goal in this year's Algarve Cup -- and that was a gift to Sweden today on a poor back pass. However, if Hope Solo hadn't have been HUGE in the U.S. goal during the match, it would have never gotten to penalty kicks, but that's what a great goalkeeper can do for you. All-in-all, a good tournament for the U.S. as a bunch of young players got to play some quality minutes, players played some different positions and the team is starting to set a good base for its run to qualifying for the 2011 FIFA Women's World Cup. After getting a close-up look at the 2009 versions of the top European squads, the U.S. team can sit back and watch what should be a fantastic European Women's Championships this fall in Finland. Who is the favorite? Germany? Sweden? Denmark? England? A dark horse perhaps? After watching the Swedes today, the WNT Blog likes their chances.

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F#3 said...

ahhh... i knew Hope was gonna save Schelin's PK. She seems to be so strong mentaly, she wouldn't allow to get beaten twice by her former teammate!

never mind the defeat too much, you'll appreciate winning even more if you loose occasionally!

keep going!