Sunday, March 8, 2009


In the navy blue trunks, weighing in at 143 pounds, fighting out of the North Shore Gym in Kahuku, Hawaii, the reigning welterweight champion of the world, please welcome the Hittin' Hawaiian!!! Natasha "The Krusher" Kai!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Actually, TK is a big softie off the field. She just had a towel so she could go to the very cold pool here at the hotel right after practice and soak her legs in the chilly water.

It was also very sunny out so she was cooling her head.


Denise said...

Hahaha, Natasha "The Krusher" Kai. Hilarious post guys!!!!

Great goal by TK though. Brilliant piece of skill. I loved how she brought it over the defender, then sunk it in the back of the net. Kai KO'd Iceland with that one!

Good luck against Norway tomorrow!

Impedient said...

Hahah funny! Actually when you say "The Krusher" really quick it really sounds similar to Natasha. Great job with the words, admin blogger!

Lehna said...

lol, why'd she wear two different shoes against iceland??