Monday, March 9, 2009

That's Good Form

Megan Rapinoe lets loose with her goal scoring shot in the 21st minute against Norway. The goal is just another step, albeit an exciting one, on her long way back from two ACL surgeries. You can read about her road to recovery on

The USA has scored just four goals in three games, but it hasn't allowed one either and that's how a soccer team wins games and qualifies for finals of major tournaments. While a few of the U.S. most dangerous attacking players have yet to find the net this tournament (perhaps that means they are "due" in the final vs. Sweden?), the mark of a good team is getting goals from all over. With Angie Wozunk (second career goal), Tina DiMartino (first career goal), Natasha Kai (24th career goal) and Megan Rapinoe (third career goal) getting on the board, the USA has made the final with its second least amount of goals ever in Algarve group play. In 2003, the USA made the final while scoring three first round goals, with a 1-1 tie with Canada, a 1-0 win over Norway and a 1-1 tie with Sweden, then won the final 2-0 over China.

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