Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Down Goes Boxx

The U.S. team had a wonderful dinner last night after the victory over Norway, eating at a restaurant overlooking the sea in Old Town Albufeira. Amid the celebration of a good win, the excellent appetizers and great food, there was an "incident." At the end of dinner, Rylie Rampone, the three-year-old daughter of team captain Christie Rampone, climbed onto the lap of Shannon Boxx and moments later, with a loud crack, Boxx' chair gave way. We're not sure how much pasta Boxx ate or if the addition of Rylie's 40-pounds (or the 15 chicken nuggets she consumed) made a difference, or if the chair was just old, but it crumpled as if some furniture demolition experts had caused it to implode. Now, while this surely is a "you had to be there" moment, the U.S. team, and Boxx, rolled with laughter as the U.S. midfielder tried to extricate herself from the wood splinters. Rylie then went over to her mom and said, "Mom, Boxxy broke the chair!" Of course, Rylie was back again a few minutes wanting Boxx to "do it again." Above you can seem the remnants of the chair, but sorry for the bad quality pic. We had to take it with a camera phone.

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eagle#18 said...

omg! that's freaking hilarious!!
oh man! I'm cracking up and I can't stop.
"boxxy broke the chair!" lol