Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Out from the Algarve

Well, that's it from the beautiful coast of Portugal. Thanks very much for reading the WNT Blog over the past few weeks as well as following the tournament on The WNT Blog is going to take a long hiatus and we hope you won't miss us too much, but you'll have the chance to follow your favorite players with their WPS clubs as this historic inaugural season for the new women's pro league kicks off in a few weeks. As always, we've enjoyed our stay in the Algarve and the tournament featured fantastic competition, but it's time to head back to the USA as the players will be reporting almost directly to their WPS clubs. We'll be announcing the next set of WNT matches soon so keep checking and hopefully the team will be coming to a city near you. So for now, Obrigado Portugal. We are out.


MARDELLE said...

Great game today ladies just wasn't in the cards. !! :) Now on to the WPS..

JM Cote said...

Very well-done ladies. PKs are dreadful but that's the way it goes. I can't wait for the WPS to start!

Impedient said...

My salute to you ladies for going so far into the tourney.

WPS next!

Mona said...


algarve over,

that should be the current slogan xD

YAY HAO is coming back home =]
there should be a celebration in EB
i would totally go XD