Monday, March 9, 2009

It Was That Kind of Game

The tackles were flying in the 45th meeting between the USA and Norway, and as usual when the two teams meet, there were aerial battles galore. Rachel Buehler laid down her fair share of tackles and won almost every header, but she also got some whiplash when she was blasted from behind on a header and (above) shows the effect of accidently heading Norwegian captain Ingvild Stensland in the back of the head.

Debutant Kendall Fletcher wins this duel


MARDELLE said...

OUCH..!!! but what a game way to go ladies..!!

uswsoccer10 said...

I was looking at some pictures of the teams recent games and I noticed that Carli Llyod is now wearing a new number. Any reason she dropped 11 and is now wearing 10? Just wondering