Monday, January 14, 2008

Fact of Fiction

After the meeting tonight, the players broke into two teams to play a game we like to call FACT OR FICTION! It’s a bit tough to describe, but to summarize, each player wrote four things about herself on a piece of paper, three of which were true, and the players on the other team (the 20-player roster was split in half) had to guess which of the four things wasn’t true. There were of course points for correct answers. It was quite competitive (shocker for the WNT players, we know), but it came down to the last player and the last question, which just happened to be Heather O’Reilly answering about Angie Woznuk, whose four things were:

I am the youngest of four in my family
I have more than 60 first cousins.
I was born in Columbus, Ohio.
I only have one nephew.

With the tension mounting and her 45 seconds up (each player had 45 seconds to answer, with or without the help of the rest of her team), O’Reilly somehow pulled out the correct answer to lead her team to a dramatic victory. Woznuk was born in San Diego, but has tons of extended family in Ohio. Kudos to O’Reilly. A clutch performance.

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