Sunday, January 13, 2008

Float That

A highlight of dinner tonight was when the players dug into the ice cream in the dinning room. The ice cream had been there the whole time, but for some reason, many players had not partaken until tonight, when it proved a very popular after-dinner treat. Cat Whitehill took it to another level, making herself a cola float. Lindsay Tarpley said that in her hometown Kalamazoo, Michigan, they call it a brown cow, or maybe it was a brown goat? She wasn’t quite sure. The most popular flavors were of course chocolate and vanilla, but some people went for chocolate chip. While slurping down her chocolate, Angie Woznuk bemoaned the fact that there weren’t any toppings available, like chocolate syrup and some rainbows sprinkles with some brownie pieces. She apparently is confusing a Chinese hotel with a Coldstone. Speaking of Coldstone, Tarpley would like to remind everyone out there that a "Love It" is only 50 cents more than a "Like It."

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