Monday, January 14, 2008

Will You Win?

There is one question that U.S. coaches and players get from the media every single time they visit China. It’s quite perplexing. The question: “Will you win?” It could be the language barrier, it could be that the Chinese reporters enjoy bulletin board material or it could be that they just like to ask direct questions. The question can take many forms, for example:

“Will you win the game?”

“Will you win the tournament?

“How many goals will you score against China?”

“Who will win between you and China?”

“How can China win against you?”

“Is your goal to win the tournament?”

“You win all the time. Will you win this year?”

Needless to say, the U.S. players and coaches always answer with the proper diplomacy and professionalism, but for the record, we want to win, it is our goal to win, we will try our best to win, but in the game of soccer, you never know who will win. So, let’s please come up with some new questions.

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