Sunday, January 13, 2008

What a feeling


The team went to the Guangdong Olympic Stadium yesterday afternoon for weight training. They have a very large, very nice fitness facility there. During almost the entire lifting session, there was an aerobics class going on in one side of the gym with an instructor who was definitely putting his charges through some serious steps. He led about seven or eight young Chinese ladies to blaring 1970s disco music. The first song playing when the team walked in was “What a Feeling” from the Flashdance movie soundtrack. (For those born after 1975, you may not know the song or the movie. For those born before, you definitely do). The funny thing was that the singer wasn’t Irene Cara, who won an Academy Award for the song (we looked it up), but a Chinese artist of unknown identity. While this may fall under the category of “you had to be there,” trust us when we say that walking into a gym with a cover of “What a Feeling” screaming out of huge speakers at ear-splitting decibels as a group of women gyrated to movements choreographed by a guy with very tight spandex shorts and faux-hawk, was pretty funny. Oddly enough, it was also motivating to get your own workout done, which the U.S. team did in three groups, taking about an hour. By the way, Leslie Osborne joined in the class for a bit, and yes, the midfielder has definitely taken an aerobics class or two.

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