Thursday, January 17, 2008

Late Show

So, several folks out there did manage to watch the USA-Canada online with video streaming from the CCTV website.

Disclaimer: Once again, the WNT Blog will not be held responsible for any technical issues that may arise due from human error or faulty installation, hardware, software, kitchenware, flatware or any other kind of ware, as well as anyone who is woozy trying to figure this out at 3 a.m.

Instructions to view Four Nations matches:
1. Go to
2. Click the 'Downloads' link at the top of the page
3. Download 'SopCast for Windows 2.0.4 (All in One)
4. Save the download to your computer
5. Shut down all other programs and run the SopCast download
6. Allow the program to reconnect to the internet
7. A small window will appear -- sign in as an anonymous guest
8. Click the 'Channels' option from the top of this small window, not the 'Live Channels' option, just 'Channels'
9. A new full size window will appear with a list of channels on the right and a small media player on the left. CCTV 5 and CCTV Football should be options in the channel list on the right. The Finland game should be on CCTV Football and USA-China should be on CCTV 5.

Good luck.


soccershoo said...

If the SopCast site is busy, you can also download SopCast 2.0.4 from cnet at

Changy 12 said...

Hahaha so uh.. you guys get this off of the facebook group? Hehe :)

Kick some buttand take some names!

HopeSoloFan18 said...

let's win another one! go usa!

Impedient said... ware and whatever other wares..

LOL that cracked me up!

Zar000000 said...

Nice article about the FInland game

Jeffrey said...

Way to go USA!! Stayed up last night to try and watch the game on the game on CCTV5 but it did not appear to be scheduled. Thanks for the CCTV5 info as it may work later in the week.

dinamo said...

Is Cat injured? why isn't she playing?

soccershoo said...

It was CCTV Football for the US vs Finland game, but should be CCTV5 for the USA vs China game.

Victoria said...

FYI...if you guys are having trouble with sopcast like I am or if you don't have widows then download TVUplayer. Just go to google and type in TVU Player download and download the most recent one...its working great for me and you get a bunch of other channels to like fact I just got done watching Man U. kill Newcastle 6-0. It works Great and it takes less time to install!!! =]
anyways...Congrats to the US WNT cant wait to see them play China!!!
p.s.- does anyone know if hope is gonna be in the starting line up against china?