Thursday, January 17, 2008

Word of the Day: Chilly

The weather turned cold and a bit rainy today in Guangzhou, so it probably wasn’t the best day for a pool workout, but with three games in five days, the players have to take care of their legs, so they made like polar bears and took the plunge. While the air temperatures were cold, we’re not sure why they keep the hotel pool a few degrees above what would make it a hockey rink. Still, the players braved some mild hypothermia and got in a good soak right before lunch. Training this afternoon was relatively light, with some finishing and a tactical walk-through. It was cold as well, but the players were bundled up and it’s a lot easier to stay warm when you’re running as opposed to floating in an ice bath. Midfielder Tina DiMartino did have some concerns with the pool workout, wondering aloud what the depth of the shallow end of the pool was, seeing as she stands just 5-foot-2 and was worried about being totally submerged. Fortunately, she was able to hang on the edge of the pool and no CPR was needed.

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