Saturday, January 19, 2008

Pizza, Pizza, Pizza

The team got out of the hotel today for dinner, going to pizza at an American fast-food joint. The players definitely enjoyed getting out of the hotel, and partaking of the cheesy stuff, downing quite a few plain cheese, Hawaiian, veggie and a pie they called, “The American,” which of course, was cheese and pepperoni. After returning to the hotel, the team had its pre-game meeting and the mood on the team heading into the China game is one of anticipation and excitement. Tournament finals are a rarity in international soccer, so any chance to play in a match with first place on the line is one to be cherished. While the crowds have been small, the games have generated much media interest in China, especially considering Pia Sundhage’s job as an asst. coach for China. Sundhage held an informal press conference with nine Chinese journalists for 45 minutes in the lobby of the team hotel today. She spoke on a wide variety of topics, including her adjustment to the Chinese and American cultures, her experience with the Chinese team and players, the growing number of female coaches in the international game, and the upcoming clash with China, among others. Abby Wambach, who made a name for herself in China with a six-goal performance at the Women’s World Cup, spent about 15 minutes chatting with the media as well.


Victoria said...

OH BABY!!! USA beat china 1-0!!!!wooohoooooooooooo!!!...but it should've been 2-0, cause tobins's goal was def. not off side! but w.e. we still won!! =]
p.s. hope did AMAZING as usual!!!

Impedient said...

Great goal from Boxxy to bring the wins to 3 straight wins and great for winning the title of the 4 Nations Tournament! So proud of the team!

You go girls!

All the way in Singapore,