Tuesday, January 15, 2008


As part of what is a pretty good fitness center at the hotel, there is a rooftop tennis court (oddly, artificial turf with sand) and a rooftop pitch and putt course (also artificula turf, with a sand bunker) on the fourth floor. This afternoon Carli Lloyd and Tobin Heath decided to play a bit of golf. Lloyd is perhaps the best golfer currently on the National Team (her boyfriend is a golf pro), but Heath is still learning the game, which became apparent when she struck a ball over the fence and over the side of the building. As no one complained to the hotel staff about flying golf balls or broken windows, we think disaster was averted, but it might be wise for Heath to stick to soccer for the rest of the trip. The pair did, however, prove talented a bouncing a golf ball off the face of their clubs, Tiger Woods-style. Yes, there is a lot of downtime on a National Team trip to China.

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