Sunday, June 29, 2008

Ali Arrives

Defender Ali Krieger and asst. coach Erica Walsh arrived this morning after some serious travel snafus. Both were flying out of Washington, D.C. and boarded their domestic flight on June 27 to Newark International to catch the USA's team flight to Oslo, but it never left the ground. They had to sit on the airplane on the tarmac for four and half hours (ouch!), only to eventually have the flight cancelled. They returned to the airport the next day, but that flight got cancelled as well. They decided enough was enough got to the Newark Airport the old-fashioned train. Tthe duo hopped on the choo-choo from D.C. to Newark and were almost there when -- you guessed it -- the train broke down in Trenton, N.J. They had to get off and wait for another train, but finally got to the Newark airport and made the flight to Oslo, then bussed down to Fredrikstad to join the U.S. team. Anyway, they are here and that gives the USA it's full compliment of 22 players, 18 Olympians and the four alternates. Once Krieger recovers a bit, we'll try to catch up with her on the WNT Blog and chat about her German club team FFC Frankfurt winning "the treble" this year.

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