Monday, June 30, 2008

Fredrikstad 2, Vålerenga 1

The entire U.S. team took in an entertaining match on Monday night at Fredrikstad Stadium, as the local side, which currently sits second in the Norwegian Premier League, defeated Valerenga (fifth in the table), which hails from from Osl0, by a 2-1 score. The Fredrikstaders came from behind to the win the game in front of a sold-out crowd of 13,000 that was in fine singing voice. The Norwegian and U.S. teams were presented at halftime to promote the match on Wednesday night at the stadium, which opened in 2007 and will serve as a fantastic venue for the USA's third-ever meeting with Norway in Norway. Several players from both teams were given socccer balls to kick into the crowd. If you caught a ball, you got a free ticket to the match. A soccer ball and a match ticket? That's a good promotion. These weren't mini-balls either. Size 5s were flying into the stands. Natasha Kai ran over to the front row and handed hers to a cute little blond boy. Yeah, she's got 19 tatoos, but she's a big softie at heart. Above Kate Markgraf lets loose her prize-winning punt.

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wntfanatic14 said...

haha, nice Tasha. She's such a great player. She inspires me so much and I'm attached to her. I had an art project assigned recently and we had to make a mask with whatever design we wanted on it. I made it with an orange base and I took three of the tattoos she has on her right shoulder/arm and put them across the face of my mask. It turned out very well and my ultimate goal is for her to see it and for me to give it to her in person one day. If there is anyway that she could see it or if even you would like to see it, I would be more than happy to email a picture of it to you guys at the blog. Please email me at with a response.
Thank you,
Taylor -