Monday, June 30, 2008

Flying the Colors

Check out this boat we saw on the Glomma River here in Fredrikstad. Yes, we'd like to think this person sailed around the world to catch the USA-Norway game and Seattle resident Hope Solo, but even for the most avid fan, that would be a long trip. Could this hearty sailor have sailed around South America (but that's an really small boat to have navigated the perilous waters of Cape Horn), then up the east coast of Brazil, maybe a few weeks in the Carribean, then across the Atlantic Ocean to Iceland, past England through the Channel, and up to Fredrikstad? Nah. They probably bought the boat in Norway and just really likes the coffee in Seattle. At least we know there is one American here. Hopefully, they'll come to the match...and bring the flag.

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drenaud said...

Probably arrived in Norway via the Panama Canal