Monday, June 30, 2008

Spanish Triumph

The U.S. staff and a few players went to one of the pubs on the Glomma River last night to watch the final of the European Championships. Perhaps not the best match of the tournament, but certainly exciting and tension-filled, and happily, the best team won. The place was packed with Norwegians, all of whom seemed to be rooting for Spain. Oddly, aside from the U.S. players and female staff, there were hardly any women watching the game, which is perhaps why this jolly Norwegian wanted his picture taken with Hope Solo and Kacey White after the match. It was taken around 10:45 p.m. and you can see it's still light enough out to play soccer. And no, Kacey hasn't shrunk. Like many of the Norwegian men, he was quite large. The players who didn't go to the pub watched in their rooms and it seems that all (except Germany women's Bundesliga player Ali Krieger, who plays her club ball for European champion FFC Frankfurt) were rooting for Spain as well. Long story short, it's fun watching a European Championship Final anywhere, but even more so in Europe.

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