Sunday, June 29, 2008

Rip Hamilton or Carli Lloyd?

You may recall that U.S. midfielder Carli Lloyd broke her nose at the Peace Queen Cup. She played in the two games following the injury, but she had to wear an "off the rack" protective mask. We are not sure how she played in that thing as it severly limited her peripheral vision as well her ability to see the ball at her feet (whatever that kind of vision is called). This just in: It helps to be able to see the ball when you are shooting or hitting a long ball, which as we know, Carli does as well as anyone in the world. When she went home after the Peace Cup, she got a custom mask made that fits much better to her face and she'll be ready to rock against Norway on Wednesday night. Needless to say, Carli is relieved to be able to get rid of the old mask as it was quite frustrating to play with. We're thinking that she may even be able to head the ball further as it bounces off that plastic forehead.


Impedient said...

But at least it's good to hear that she's well tho she might look like Rip Hmailton in the mask! Haahah kidding :)

Let's put another 4-1 against Norway! I'm sure the mask will scare some of them off! lol

wntfanatic14 said...

thats a good look for her :)