Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Soccer Moms Score

No, Kate Markgraf and Christie Rampone didn't get a goal. As we know, it's tough for center backs to score unless your name is John Terry. But what they did get was a rare treat at a team hotel...a room set up just for kids. The playroom is just off the lobby and when you need to entertain your two and three year-old youngins, a room filled with toys and other play things is like finding $500 on the ground (or in Norway that would be 2,500 kroner). There are only so many toys you can bring on the road and you definitely can't bring the big plastic play house. Of course, Lori Chalupny and Nicole Barnhart have been spending a few hours a day in there as well...mostly of the time with the kids. Just kidding, all of the time. They are great playmates for the team babies. Norway's captain Solveig Gulbrandsen has a baby boy as well, so at times it's been a cross-cultural Romper Room in there. Note to future hotels that want the USA's business: put in a play room!

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tas said...

Isn't it obvious? The Glomma River is named for the sound you make when you pick up a baby and put an arm or leg in your mouth and say mmmm... glomma glomma... glomma. Ask Rampone if you don't believe me. It's reassuring to see our Norwegian brothers and sisters have that in common with us.

Regards, A Fan