Monday, June 30, 2008

Hangin' in Gamlebyen

Seven U.S. players and a smattering of staff took a short sightseeing trip this afternoon to the Old Town section of Fredrikstad, the village of Gamlebyen, which was originally constructed in 1663 as a military enclave which could be easily defended against the aggressive Swedes. The narrow cobbled streets are lined with picturesque 17th century buildings and the small town, which currently has about 350 residents, serves as an enclave for many artists and craftsmen who have established their studios and galleries there. We were told that it is one of the best preserved villages in all of Scandinavia and it was certainly beautiful. Behind the players is part of the huge moat/river that protects the village.

The bridge leading to Gamlebyen. It once protected the village. Now, seagulls and ducks hang out on, under and around it.

Fredrik II himself! The founder of Fredrikstad.

U.S. head coach Pia Sundhage helps the Norwegian guide show an aerial map of Gamlebyen. It's only appropriate diplomacy as the Swedes once stormed the town. Pia only stormed goalkeepers. She scored 71 goals in her international career, but probably more than a few against Norway.

Heather O'Reilly gets the rack! No, she is very well behaved. This device hasn't been used in years (we hope).

A typical building in Gamlebyen.

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Katia Moraes said...

Hey girls,
My husband is crazy about this team. We are here looking at these pics and he's saying he would like to go back to Sweden one day...
All the best to you!
Katia from Brazil (via California) : ))))