Monday, June 30, 2008

Final Training at Lisleby

The U.S. team had its final training today at the quaint Lisleby FK club, which has hosted the team for training during its brief stay in Norway. A special thanks for the hospitality to the kind folks over at the club, which apparently has some history, having hosted top Norwegian men's matches as long as 40 years ago. The U.S. team had about a 100-minute training which ended with some small-side games and will practice tomorrow evening at the Fredrikstad Stadium, which will host the match vs. Norway. The weather has been perfect, but according to the locals will get even better for the game. Probably not possible, but apparently there will be a little less wind and temps in the 60s.

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neal barbera said...

Pia has trained a team that is tougher, stronger and faster. She got rid of all that baby fat. Has anybody noticed how toned and trim they are. Let's hope they play like vikings, all the way through to Olympic Gold!