Sunday, June 29, 2008

Welcome to Fredrikstad

The USA has settled into Fredikstad, which we see as a beautiful little town, but with its neighboring city of Sarpsborg is actually the fifth largest city in Norway! This is a very old town, originally founded in 1567 by King Frederik II (man, we would love to have a city named after us...WNT Blogsburg, maybe?) and got some sort of cityhood in 1838. The city straddles the river Glomma where it meets the North Sea and it's extremely picturesque, with old boats mixed with small yachts sitting at the docks, green parks and rolling, tree covered hills. The team will go on a short sightseeing trip tomorrow to see the oldest part of town, which should make for some nice pics, but here are a few of the area around the team hotel. The Glomma River is above.

Not sure what this sculpture is, but it's in a local park. We'll call it art.

The local church. The weather has been fantastic. The sun is out, but it's been fairly cool.

An old boat. In the mid 1900s, Fredrikstad was a main harbor for timber export and shipbuilding.

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