Saturday, August 2, 2008

Dragon (Fly) Slayer

Almost every U.S. practice here at the Olympics had been inundated by large dragon flies. We're not sure if they like the grass, the players, or they are just checking out the action. They don't really bug the players (bug! get it?), but at times, there have been what we might even call a swarm. Needless to say, those suckers are darting and quick insects. One unsuspecting U.S. staff member offered 100 yuan (about $15) to anyone who could actually catch one. And you know what? Natasha Kai did. The Dragon Fly Hunter took off her shoe and showing remarkable reflexes and hand-eye coordination, snared one in her Nike. It was buzzing around in there something fierce before she released it back into the wild...100 yuan richer.

Note: This is the most expensive Blog post of the trip. Darn it.


Impedient said...

Oo sounds interesting. Flyin' Hawaiian v the Dragonfly! Haha so it's:

Flyin' Hawaiian 1 0 Dragonfly

Emily(LOVES US SOCCER) said...

is there anything this women cant do?!?!

wwaww said...

Hey, dragonflies are beautiful creatures and I can catch one with my bare hand! Nice post though :-)