Monday, July 28, 2008

Buehler the Transformer

Funny story that happened to Rachel Buehler in the run-up to the Olympics. She was in a gym in San Diego (which will go unnamed for reasons that will soon become clear) and getting her workout on an elliptical machine. The U.S. players are required to get their heart rates to a certain level during their workouts, so Buehler was pumping her arms and legs pretty hard on the machine. Apparently too hard. A gym employee approached her and asked her to stop. Stop working out at a gym? "That's not good for the machine and it's not good for your body," said the guy. "Well, I have to get my heart rate up," said Buehler. "Well, you'll have to find another way or get off." Not being able to get her heart rate to the appropriate levels by adding more resistance, Buehler sheepishly got off and found a treadmill in a corner, hopefully away from the watchful eye, and finished her workout. "I have to admit, I am pretty crazy on that machine," said Buehler.


MARDELLE said...


That's my Niece for you relentless when it comes to her training and Soccer. :)

Lisa Rassenti said...

haha i love it! miss you rachie

drenaud said...

Wow, that gym is crazy. They must have really bad equipment. I was on a Precor EFX556 today, the kind that has poles, and tried to make it go super fast and it just laughed at me. No problem. I am sure she had the resistance cranked up to get her heart rate up, which makes it hard to get a lot of strides per minute. Hard to imagine what was wrong with that machine or that gym.