Thursday, July 31, 2008

Heather and the Azzurri

The team hotels at the satellite venues for soccer in the Olympics serve as a sort of Athlete Olympic Village in those cities. The hotels are secured and only the soccer teams and support staffs playing at those venues stay there. That means that there are, or will be, four women's teams and four men's teams at the team hotel. The USA, Norway and New Zealand women's teams have been here for a few days and Japan we believe arrives today. For the U-23 men, the Italians were the first here, followed by Honduras, but we have yet to see South Korea (short trip for them) or the Cameroonians. Above Heather O'Reilly snaps a pic with a few members of the Italian National Team, including Giuseppe Rossi (far right) who like Heather grew up in New Jersey.


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Does anyone know who they are from L to R? Besides Rossi of course I know him (: