Friday, August 1, 2008

Four Days, Three Trainings

The U.S. team trained this morning next to the Qinhuangdao Olympic Stadium. Pia Sundhage watches her charges above. The weather has cooled off a bit due to the rain, which is nice, considering the dripping heat that has engulfed the team so far during its time in China. The U.S. team has training tomorrow morning, then will have Sunday off, before training on Monday night at the stadium and Tuesday morning in the final two sessions before beginning the Olympics next Wednesday. Let the Games Begin! Darn...We should have waited to use that closer to the start of the Olympics. We'll probably re-use it anyway.


MARDELLE said...


I'm ready, I'm ready boy am I ready to let the games begin..!!

m said...

Do your best to bring back the Gold...again! We're cheering for all of you! Mark & Irene Palasek
Long Island, NY

Impedient said...

Can't wait for the first game against Norway! Bring it on!