Wednesday, July 30, 2008

You want cheese on that?

This morning at breakfast, an omelet bar was set up in the team's meal room. When the chef momentarily left his post, Natasha Kai stepped in and cooked up some scrambled eggs for more than a few of her teammates. You see, after high school Kai took a year off from school before starting at the University of Hawaii, during which time she worked 9-5 at a cafeteria. Needless so say, she's cooked some eggs before. Kai got high marks from her teammates for her eggs' consistency and scrambility.


Gurpal said...

Them eggs look good! Does Tasha do any culinary consulting on the side??

Faith Ann said...

That is so awesome! Scrambled eggs sounds like some choice grinds for breakfast. Mahalo WNT blog for posting this little blurb. Peace peace from Hawaii. Look forward to your next posts.

zoe said...

haha that is so funny. july 30th was hope solo's birthday right?? did the team do anything for her?

Kristen O. said...

Mmmmmm... eggs!
haha, Good Luck to USA
bring home the gold!