Sunday, July 27, 2008

Thanks BNU

The U.S. team left Beijing Normal University for Qinhuangdao this afternoon after a great three-day stay. Special thanks to all the USOC folks and Chinese organizers who helped make the arrival in Beijing super smooth and provided the team with everything they needed to prepare for competition. Special WNT Blog props go out to the chefs and staff in the meal room. The food, presentation, service and friendliness just could not have been better. These are people -- who like the U.S. players -- love and appreciate good food. If the Food Network execs are reading the WNT Blog, get some cameras over here as you have the making of an excellent special: "Breakfast in Beijing - Feeding Team USA." Hopefully, the U.S. will advance in the tournament and be back in Beijing to play for a medal...and enjoy some more excellent American cuisine.

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