Monday, July 28, 2008

Unique Time for Soccer Moms

U.S. defenders Kate Markgraf and Christie Rampone, the two Soccer Moms on the team, do not have their kids with them during the Olympics. While the kids travel with the U.S. team on almost every trip, when it comes to world championships, the kids stay with their dads for numerous reasons, most notably the restricted access during world championship tournaments and to give the moms time to rest and focus on the task at hand. While both the moms (and certainly the rest of the players!) really miss having the kids around, it does give Kate and Christie some time to do things they don't normally get to do while the road. We asked our Soccer Moms to give us some things they get a chance to do when little Keegan Markgraf and Rylie Rampone are not with them. They pretty much agree that:

1) They can watch movies that aren't Disney movies, grown-up TV shows, and even some movies that are not G-Rated.
2) Spend longer times at team meals enjoying the company of her teammates.
3) Control their own sleep patterns.
4) Read books.
5) Not pack nearly as much. Less clothes, toys and diapers!


Impedient said...

awww cuteness!

chris said...

Those pictures are just adorable!!