Saturday, August 2, 2008

International Library Card

The U.S. players often bring the normal pastimes on long road trips: music, DVDs and books. But no one brings more books that Hope Solo and Stephanie Cox. The pair often has between 5-10 books each during extended time on the road. As you can see above, they are stocked for the Olympics. Cox is currently working on "Searching for God Knows What" by Donald Miller and "The Last Battle" by C.S. Lewis. Solo is into "All Things Must Fight to Live - Stories of War and Deliverance in the Congo" by Bryan Mealer as well as "Buddha - A Story of Enlightenment" by Deepak Chopra. Hopefully, the selections for the USA's two bookworms will last a while as the selection of books in English in China is often quite limited.


Meredith said...

YEAH!! I knew there had to be a few geeks on the team. So if you guys do run out, here is a recommendation from one bookworm to another (er.. 2 others lol). I generally do not like audio books but their are two that I listen to again and again. Both nonfiction and available on itunes.

The first is "into thin air" which documents the 1996 ascent on Everest which turned out to be the deadliest ever. The author and voice on the audio book is Jon Krakauer who was actually there and witness the whole thing while on assignment for outside magazine. Crazy story and
FANTASTIC audio book.

The second is "into Africa:the epic adventure of Stanley and Livingston" Another great narrator and an amazing true story about a pompous American named Morton Stanley who goes out in search of the great exployer/David Livingston (who had gone missing in the heart of Africa while looking for the source of the Nile). it is a very well written book that details the time between 1820 through the 1900s and the colonization of Africa.

I'm telling you both are awesome stories, especially for traveling on long bus and plane rides. I keep them in my ipod and listen whenever I'm on the road.

Aside from that good luck everyone on the team. We are so excited and cannot wait for the first match to begin.

Lisa "Jelly" Jelinek said...

Donald Miller + C.S. Lewis = a tasty pool of theological goodness. Both authors are spectacular!