Thursday, July 31, 2008

Qinhuangdao Mall

Today is a day off for the U.S. team. No training, no weights, no meetings. Just our luck, on the day off, it's starts raining pretty hard. The team was supposed to go on an excursion this morning to the very beginning of the Great Wall of China, which has a small section here in Qinhuangdao that actually goes into the sea. They call it the Head of the Dragon, which is pretty cool. But it was raining so the trip was cancelled. Instead, a little over half the team went shopping at a local mall. The pickings were somewhat slim, but U.S. asst. coach Erica Walsh bought a Dancing Cow and Natasha Kai bought a Dancing Donkey. We're not even going to try to explain, but maybe we'll have some video later on. The U.S. players were asked to take quite a few pictures with the locals, and certainly obliged. It was raining lightly during shopping as well, to the trip was cut a bit short. At least it was a good chance to get out of the hotel and stretch the legs in what was certainly cooler weather.

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Very "Hollywood" sheek ladies. :)

Hey Rachel will that shirt fit Nikki???