Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Train Gang

The U.S. team left Beijing this afternoon via train for Qinhuangdao, venue for its first two matches of the 2008 Olympics. Not just any train, though, one of those super fast bullet-type trains. The trip only took two hours and was uneventful until the very end, when the team was told they had one minute to de-board the train in Qinhuangdao. Given a challenge, as usual, the players responded, pouring off the train in just over the prescribed 60 ticks. We wonder what would have happened if someone hadn't made it? Would Pia Sundhage be in Mongolia right now? The players were met by a large group of volunteers and security, which ushered the team to the bus, then to the Qinhuangdao Olympic Stadium complex to get their accreditations activated.

U.S. players engage in a mean game of Phase 10 while waiting for the train

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